A vibrant organization is united behind a common vision, sharing common goals

Our Way

Our Way describes the values that guide us in our business behaviors, while achieving our combined and individual goals. These values influence our decision making on appropriate actions to be taken, whether as a team or as an individual, on a daily basis and in medium and long-term business planning. Our Way provides guidance for us all as we seek to do meaningful work to the best of our abilities, to be self-disciplined, to grow our capabilities and to deliver on the promise of Made for Life.

Our Vision

Be the leader in visionary healthcare solutions that inspire. Create innovative value to enrich life through the collaborative pursuit of excellence enabled by our “Made for Life” philosophy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to collect, integrate, process and deliver the information needed to provide patients with efficient, high quality care.

Our values in action


We unite together under our shared vision for the future, realizing that we are at our best when we are aligned with our Made for Life philosophy.


We dare to do what may seem impossible by setting inspiring goals, taking risks and being courageous enough to learn from failure.


We nurture strong and agile teams by trusting, respecting, listening, exchanging opinions and supporting each other.


We succeed through tenacity, resilience, and adaptability. We persist even when faced with obstacles and challenges to achieve our goals, and strive for the wisdom to recognize when to change course.


We tirelessly work to improve our skills, to expand our expertise, and to push beyond our comfort zone, while staying aligned with the Vision and larger plan.

Employee Recognition

Annually, Canon Medical Systems Canada employees nominate colleagues in 3 areas to recognize them for their outstanding contributions to the organization throughout the year.

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2024 Winners

Meet Darryl.
Excellence in Teamwork & Unity.

"Darryl provides installation support throughout Canada, not just within his home region. He is a team player who is always steps up to support his colleagues and customers."

Darryl Hamilton, a Field Service Representative in the Atlantic region, was also recognized for obtaining ten years of service with Canon Medical. Congratulations!

Meet Yuriy.
Customer Hero.

"Yuriy puts his customers and his team first and makes sure that everyone is looked after. Customers feel supported and in good hands with his obvious knowledge and commitment."

Congratulations, Yuriy Polyukh, Clinical Product Specialist, X-ray and Vascular.

Meet Jason.
Innovative Thinker.

"Jason always thinks beyond his job title. He finds innovative ways to generate and support sales along with his creative approach to solving customer service requirements. He doesn't just think outside the box, he creates a whole new box."

Congratulations, Jason Corbett, Regional Service Manager.

Meet Martin.
Excellence in Teamwork & Unity.

"Martin demonstrates a strong sense of leadership and is always willing to help, answer questions and go the extra mile for you."

Congratulations, Martin Lajoie, Regional Technical Support Specialist.

Meet Hassan.
Customer Hero.

"Hassan, is very knowledgeable and handles all challenges related to the ultrasound system with maximum efficiency and precision, as well as high-quality work. I have seen many times that customers were more than satisfied and happy with the way he did the job."

Congratulations, Hassan Khalil, Field Service Representative.

Meet Jens.
Innovative Thinker.

"Jens is a true leader, he always tries to make our business better and has no fear of change. Even in adversity, he inspires the generation of new ideas and encourages teamwork among the entire organization."

Congratulations, Jens Dettmann, President & CEO.

Meet Ashley.
Excellence in Teamwork & Unity.

"Ashley always comes with a smile even though we can’t see her, I can hear it in her voice. She goes above and beyond to share information and assist with troubleshooting.  She provides exceptional support to the sales team and always gives 100% whether it's for a demo or an installation."

Congratulations, Ashley Sestito, Ultrasound Clinical Applications Specialist.

Meet Nicole.
Customer Hero.

"Nicole has gone out of her way to research for information and methods to support the customer’s clinical needs and improve their standard of care. She has received many praises from customers and co-workers for her thoroughness and perseverance."

Congratulations, Nicole Schmidt, Ultrasound Clinical Applications Specialist.

Meet Graydon.
Innovative Thinker.

"Graydon is extremely tuned into the market and what is needed to sell products in his area. He puts the customers needs first and is always creating new ways to communicate with them and show case Canon Medical."

Congratulations, Graydon Lee, Account Manager.

Meet Vivien.
Excellence in Teamwork & Unity.

"Vivien is committed in every way to being an exemplary teammate. She consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that those who require her assistance are heard and helped as effectively and efficiently as possible."

Congratulations, Vivien Chen, Supply Chain Specialist.

Meet Sameh.
Customer Hero.

"Sameh is always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. Customers appreciate Sameh's approach; he is honest, keeps the customer informed at all times, and always treats all his calls with urgency. Sameh, thank you for all the hard work you do. The Ultrasound team is very fortunate to have your support."

Congratulations, Sameh Mekhaeil, Regional Technical Support Specialist.

Meet Derrek.
Innovative Thinker.

"Derrek is always thinking of how we can improve the quality of technical support provided to our customers. He had an idea to put a humidity indicator strip into the ultrasound keyboard. Derrek developed this unique solution to keep moisture out of the keyboard due to the cleaning and disinfection protocols in place for COVID-19."

Congratulations, Derrek Cox, Field Service Representative.

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