High Quality Education & Training Solutions

To fully leverage our medical devices for maximum performance, we provide a variety of training sessions to customer engineers, application specialists, and Biomedical engineers.

We are committed to providing comprehensive educational programs that are designed to develop and nurture clinical excellence. All of our educational activities are delivered by qualified trainers and are supported by accreditation from the relevant professional bodies.

Clinical Applications Training - Phase I

One week of comprehensive training is held at Canon Medical System’s Institute of Advanced Imaging in Irvine, California following the completion of pre-requisites. The learning Institute lays the groundwork for going live at the customer's facility. In addition to classroom instruction, and hands-on experience with the newest CT, MRI, VL and CV equipment is provided in a unique setting that mirrors the clinical environment. Attendees benefit from clinically qualified instructors and limited class size to maximize the student's learning experience. CT, MRI and Vascular courses are available.

Onsite Training - Phase II and III

Technologist training is conducted in three phases, beginning with Phase I, a one week comprehensive course at Canon Medical System’s Institute of Advanced Imaging in Irvine, California. Phases II and III are conducted at the customer's facility. Canon Medical System’s onsite accredited training program, conducted by Application Specialists, provides in-depth information and experience in all phases of high quality imaging, allowing your staff to use the system to its fullest potential.

The International Training Academy

Canon Medical System’s International Training Academy specializes in dynamic classroom and computer-based training. We bring your in-house engineers together with our system experts, increasing your access to the most advanced training tools and product information available today.

The training center has hands-on laboratories integrated with lecture rooms for improving training efficiency. In addition, a virtual hospital LAN is installed for practicing service work on a hospital network system. Canon Medical Systems Corporation will continue to enhance global customer support in order to further improve customer satisfaction.

  • Computer-based training, CD-ROM technology, and online access to information.
  • Powerful, interactive, hands-on training.
  • Expansive "clinical settings" provide a realistic and uncomplicated learning environment.
  • Multi-modality clinical applications training.
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