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At Canon Medical, we believe in providing meaningful innovations that enable you to enhance your patient outcomes. That’s why we invest solely in research and product development that directly addresses your specific patient and business needs to help improve life for everyone. We strive to improve accessibility, cross-platform availability, and patient-focused solutions that are truly meaningful and impactful for customers and vital to patient care pathways. 
For more than 100 years, Canon Medical has been at the cutting edge of diagnostic imaging, creating healthcare solutions that can help enrich life for everyone. Our full range of diagnostic medical imaging solutions—CT, PET-CT, MR, X-Ray, Angiography, Ultrasound, and Healthcare Informatics—coupled with deep learning technologies deliver uncompromised quality, insight, and value through AI innovations powered by Altivity.
Canon Medical Systems Canada (CMSCA), a Canon Group company headquartered in Markham, Ontario, delivers this comprehensive portfolio of imaging solutions and technologies with a dedicated patient focus. Our people-oriented culture demonstrated through a Canadian-based support team, and Applications for Life offering, ensures a positive patient experience and optimized throughput with our reliable systems. 
Reporting directly to Canon Medical Systems Corporation provides close ties to our research, engineering, and product specialists. At Canon Medical, we work hand in hand with our partners—our educational, academic, and research community—through longstanding relationships based on transparency and trust. This enables the Canadian team to influence product decisions and delivery for the needs of local customers.
The Canon Medical Systems Canada team is guided by Jens Dettmann, President and CEO. Together, Mr. Dettmann and the Management team ensure promises are delivered to our Canadian partners. A recent customer satisfaction survey describes Canon Medical as a trustworthy partner. These characteristics are part of our foundation as Canon’s corporate philosophy is “Kyosei”. It conveys our dedication to ensuring that all people, regardless of culture, customs, language, or race, live and work happily and harmoniously together. Combined with our management slogan “Made for Life”, this guides us to deliver optimum health opportunities for patients through uncompromised performance, comfort, and safety features. 
*Canon Medical Systems Canada Limited conducted a Canadian Customer Satisfaction Survey in April 2023 and invited over 1,100 recipients to complete the survey. 
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