Mobile Digital X-Ray System

Bold Performance. Compact Footprint.

Mobile Digital X-Ray System

The all-new SOLTUS 450 is designed for today’s mobile x-ray environment by providing optimal efficiency at the point of care without sacrificing image quality. 

  • Operator-friendly features include tube head secondary drive controls for fine positioning without returning to the main console and an LED status indicator light for key system alerts.
  • Detector charging and storage onboard the system, supporting optimized workflow without interruption.
  • Increased detector wireless range and productivity with Canon Medical patented technologies. The exclusive Distributed Antenna System optimizes detector wireless range, and the Enhanced Workflow Package supports the exam from start to finish at point of care. 
  • Smart ID card login for system power and operation.

Meet the SOLTUS 450. 

Learn more about how the SOLTUS 450 combines signature flat panel detector technology from Canon Medical to deliver excellent image quality.

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Robust functionality within a compact design

The small footprint of the SOLTUS 450 affords exceptional maneuverability and conserves space for maximum flexibility.

A System Designed to Perform Seamlessly Where You Need It, When You Need It.

Generous power and performance are made possible with the standard 40kW generator. The rear bin offers space and functionality for detector charging and storage as well as accommodating accessories such as protective bags.

Safe & Easy Transport along with Effortless Positioning

SOLTUS 450 incorporates a telescopic column for easy transport and effortless positioning within a variety of point of care imaging environments.

SOLTUS 450 delivers excellent image quality and signature flat panel detector technology customers expect from Canon.

Within Canon’s CXDI Control Software NE, you’ll experience an array of standard features that support a productive workflow. Single-click functionality for tube, line and gauze visualization saves time for certain point of care imaging exams and the convenience of free image rotation where images can be rotated to any angle for optimal viewing.
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