Service Programs

Protect your Investment with a Tailored Service Agreement.

Every customer is unique. At Canon Medical Systems, we can provide you with pre-configured Service Packages or customize a coverage that better suits your needs.


Benefit from our top notch Warranty.

Canon Medical Systems’ Warranty gives you confidence that your new equipment will be available when you need it. During the warranty period, it provides priority service with access to dedicated Canon applications and engineering support through our Canadian-based ASSIST Centre. The Warranty includes preventative maintenance visits, labour and parts.

Time & Material Services

Manage Risk with Canon Medical Systems support.

Time & Material Services can be the ideal solution for customers who prefer to “pay as you go” and whose enterprise can tolerate longer response times and equipment outages.

Full Service Agreement

A perfect blend of security and flexibility.

Canon Medical Systems’ full service agreements are made for customers who are risk averse, prefer a fixed price model and who have service level requirements that need guaranteed response times.

Full Protection for Your System

  • Risk-free, fixed-price service support for your peace of mind
  • Performance guarantees maximum system availability

Flexibility by Choice

  • Flexible hours of coverage, so you are covered during your hours of operation
  • Service Solutions with customizable coverage and entitlements for your unique equipment needs

Unmatched Technical Support

  • Rapid phone response and on-site service to maximize equipment availability
  • InnerVision® Plus remote diagnostics service monitors your system proactively

Partner Service Agreement

Utilizing your internal clinical engineering resources with full security.

Canon Medical Systems' Partnership agreements enable customers to deploy their own Biomedical Engineering staff to support and service the equipment. We offer several levels of shared services to suit your in-house technical abilities, staffing and budget.

Full Protection for Your System

  • Risk-free, fixed-price service support for your peace of mind
  • Access to Canon Medical Systems support 24/7

Cost Effectiveness

  • Receive a cost reduction with the Bio Med first call
  • Direct control over system uptime

Training Your Engineers Like Ours

  • Clinical engineering training course curriculum identical to Canon Medical Systems customer engineer training
  • Diagnostic licensing keys included at no additional charge for Canon Medical Systems-trained customer clinical engineers

FLEX Service Option

Strategic agreement—special terms, specially delivered.

FLEX Service Options allow the customers to specify the level of risk they want to take on the parts portion of the service contract. Parts pooling and sharing between systems is entirely possible. Canon Medical Systems can offer shorter or longer Response times suited to the Service Level requirements and budget of the particular customer site.

Unprecedented Flexibility

  • Convert your service agreement back and forth between a full service agreement and a partnership agreement
  • Manage your service plan based on your changing service needs

Price Protection

  • Locked-in and fixed pricing for any and all coverage and entitlement options at the point of purchase for the duration of your agreement

Cost Effective Service

  • Modify service agreement on agreement anniversary date based on risk and/or changes in your business throughout your equipment lifecycle
  • Utilize your in-house staff effectively
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