Corporate Philosophy [Basic Commitment]

Canon Medical Systems Corporate Philosophy

Canon’s corporate philosophy is Kyosei.  

This conveys our dedication to ensuring that all people, regardless of culture, customs, language, or race, live and work happily and harmoniously together. 

Based on this guiding philosophy for Canon Group's management policies, Canon Group has established the "Canon Group Code of Conduct" to serve as behavioral guidelines for directors and employees in their business activities. On July 1, 2017, this code of conduct was adopted by Canon Medical Systems Canada.  

The kyosei philosophy and our management slogan “Made for Life”patients are at the heart of everything we doguides us to deliver optimum health opportunities for patients through uncompromised performance, comfort and safety features.

Based on a respect for life, the Canon Medical Systems Corporation group is always contributing to healthcare and social welfare by providing innovative and advanced products and solutions to its customers worldwide.

Improving the quality of life:
Offering technology that provides faster, more accurate diagnoses, improved treatment and enhanced patient care.

Life-long commitment to innovation:
Producing reliable systems that offer maximum uptime, increased utility and improved workflow for a life time.

Achieving life time partnerships:
A pervasive commitment to delivering customer-focused solutions for a life time over the world.

The Management Slogan

The management slogan "Made for Life" symbolizes the basic commitment of the Canon Medical Systems Corporation group.



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