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March 10, 2017

The Quietest 3T MR Arrives in Canada – Vantage Galan 3T

With over 100 years in the healthcare business, Toshiba Medical has designed systems to meet your needs and your patients'. Our latest MR, the Vantage Galan™ 3T, will give you the tools you need to provide better patient care without compromising the patient experience. This latest system offers high-quality imaging that is fast and comfortable for patients. It is designed to surpass your expectations by prioritizing the patient experience, image quality and streamline workflow, all delivered in the smallest and quietest MR in its class.

Unique acoustic noise reduction

Pianissimo Zen technology offers a 99% reduction in sound during acquisitions.* By combining the Toshiba Medical patented Pianissimo technology and mUTE sequences, the system provides less than 2dB acoustic noise increase over the ambient noise (Absolute Value: Less than 63dB*), thereby providing a patient-friendly examination environment.

*99% reduction by unit of Loudness level "dB" and 97% reduction by unit of perceived loudness "Sone".


The Vantage Galan 3T is designed to increase signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) by up to 20%, allowing for faster sampling and higher resolution images thanks to PURERF and Saturn technologies. This, combined with the ability to automatically stack protocol sequences can be performed in under 5 minutes: SAG T1, AX T2, AX T2 FLAIR, AX T2* and AX DWI/ADC.

MR Theatre in-bore visuals enhance patient comfort

Patients undergoing MR exams will find a relaxing environment with Toshiba Medical's new MR Theatre. Creating an immersive virtual experience for patients, the new MR Theatre gives patients a visual focal point to distract them from the exam, encouraging them to relax and stay still, enabling clinicians to produce efficient, high-quality imaging.

Optimized RF design improves SNR

PURERF Tx RF shielding technology maximizes the RF transmission efficiency for optimal image quality.

  • Up to +20% SNR with PURERF

Upon digitization, PURERF Rx employs an Advanced Proprietary Algorithm to detect and reduce noise to increase SNR.

71 cm Large Bore provides versatility with larger patients

The 71cm patient aperture gives you more room and flexibility, providing the patient with a feeling of openness. It allows you to have an examination in lateral position, which is difficult with conventional systems. This comfortable room allows you to adjust a wide range of clinical situations and move the patient within the bore when necessary.

Compact Footprint

Designed to fit within a standard 1.5T room, resulting in a cost-effective system installation in most cases.

Low Power Consumption

The Vantage Galan 3T power consumption is reduced by utilizing the Eco Mode features. Eco Mode turns off a part of the system while it is not being used, which minimizes the system's operating costs. Moreover, required rated power can be reduced by around 25%, minimizing the total cost of ownership (when compared to a conventional Toshiba Medical system.)

Canon Medical Systems Canada strives to build and strengthen partnerships with our customers and clinical partners. It is with confidence that we present our commitment to developing solutions that help improve clinical workflow and advance patient outcomes. The MR product described above is Health Canada approved, and so we encourage you to learn more about the Vantage Galan 3T in a meeting with our MRI Product and Sales Specialist, Michael Bradley (

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