Mirada Nuclear Medicine


Mirada® Nuclear Medicine (NM) is integrated into Vitrea Advanced Visualization. Flexible display protocols and workflows allow quick and easy reading of Nuclear Medicine studies. Time Activity Curves (TACs) and statistics are calculated as the data is loaded and updated in real time as ROIs are edited. Quantitative results can be saved for editing and review, allowing convenient time-saving access. This vendor neutral application is intended to improve efficiency on a departmental level.

Key Benefits

  • Vendor neutral software allows data from different scanners to be read using the same display format and protocols
  • Unlimited number of configurable workflows for reading planar static and dynamic NM data, including Renal, Gastric Emptying, Bone, Lung and Gallbladder Ejection Fraction (EF) studies
  • Mirada Workflow Designer enables easy creation and customization of workflows
  • Smart workflow rules mean that data is available within your preferred workflow and layout throughout your institution


Vitrea Advanced Visualization is owned and manufactured by Canon Medical Informatics, Inc.
Mirada Nuclear Medicine is owned and manufactured by Mirada Medical.
May not be available in all countries.

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