4DM Powered by INVIA


4DM is integrated into Vitrea Advanced Visualization and is state-of-the-art software for cardiovascular quantification, image review and reporting of SPECT and PET patient studies. Medical professionals world wide use 4DM to assist with their interpretations for optimal patient care.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers advanced processing algorithms, precise co-registration and reproducible quantification and image displays
  • Quality assurance measures
  • Intelligent workflows for greater efficiency
  • The quantification of myocardial perfusion, function and viability
  • Multiple review screens
  • Integrated reporting with customizable templates

4DM provides advanced cardiovascular molecular quantification and image displays in Vitrea Advanced Visualization. 4DM’s integrated workflow includes:


Vitrea Advanced Visualization is owned and manufactured by Canon Medical Informatics, Inc.
4DM is owned and manufactured by INVIA.

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