International Imaging Symposium 2019

Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Dr. Josep Puig - University Of Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada

Dr. Josep Puig is a Research Associate, within the Department of Radiology, a Faculty of Health Sciences for the University of Manitoba. Dr. Josep Puig received his degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Medicine and completed his residency in diagnostic imaging at the Dr. Josep Trueta University Hospital (2002-2006) in Girona (Spain). He was awarded his PhD (‘cum laude’) from the University of Girona for his dissertation entitled ”Diffusion tensor imaging in acute ischemic stroke: the role of anisotropy in determining the time of onset and predicting long-term motor outcome”. Josep Puig was an Associate Professor of Radiology and Neurology at the University of Girona’s School of Medicine (2012-2018). His research has focused on the development and clinical application of standard and advanced neuroimaging techniques (with a special emphasis on MRI techniques based on cerebral diffusion/perfusion and structural/functional brain connectivity as well) applied to stroke, brain tumors, obesity, atherosclerosis, aging, multiple sclerosis and intervertebral disc disease.