International Imaging Symposium 2019

CT Perfusion in Acute Stroke Triage

Dr. Ting Lee - Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Department of Medical Biophysics, Western University, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Ting-Yim Lee, Professor of Medical Imaging, Medical Biophysics and Oncology, is a scientist and Director of the Functional CT Imaging Lab at both Lawson Health Research Institute and Robarts Research Institute. His research focuses on quantitative functional and molecular imaging using CT, MR or PET dynamic imaging with contrast or targeted probes. He pioneered the CT Perfusion method for measuring hemodynamics in stroke, cancer, and heart attack. He is currently extending the CT Perfusion method to: 1) simultaneously image lung ventilation and perfusion plus myocardial perfusion from one free breathing scan of the lung and heart with contrast injection, and 2) image brain perfusion using DSA images acquire in thrombectomy of stroke from large vessel occlusions.