International Imaging Symposium 2019

Cardiac Perfusion

Dr. Juliano Lara Fernandes - Jose Michel Kalaf Research Institute, Brazil

After completing his training in cardiology, Dr. Fernandes concluded a one year fellowship in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and Computed Tomography at the Heart Institute, University of São Paulo. He began working with both methods in 2004 at Radiologia Clínica de Campinas and at the State University of Campinas, where he held a position of Research Physician in the Department of Internal Medicine before founding and coordinating the new Jose Michel Kalaf Research Institute dedicated to the research of Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging. Dr. Fernandes’ main areas of research include MRI parametric mapping with emphasis on T2 analysis, coronary artery disease diagnosis with CMR and CCT, and new developments in high field MRI. Adding to that, Dr Fernandes coordinates different intervention trials using imaging guided endpoints and multicenter studies with both imaging modalities. 

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