2015 International CT Symposium

Face Transplant Imaging with Wide Area Detector CT

Dr. Frank Rybicki – The Ottawa Hospital / The University of Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Frank J. Rybicki is the Chief and Chair at The Ottawa Hospital, Radiology Department, and the Professor and Chair at The University of Ottawa. He received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the former director of the Applied Imaging Science Laboratory (AISL) that was the initial radiology program to launch wide-area detector CT. The AISL was the first to recognize the relationship between contrast enhancement patterns and blood flow. In addition to novel applications of CT technology to patient care such as transplant imaging, his group has recently made key contributions to the rapidly emerging field of 3D printing. Dr. Rybicki holds leadership positions at the American College of Radiology related to his sub-specialty expertise in cardiovascular imaging and radiation dose risks.