2014 International CT Symposium Webinars

CT Fluoroscopy

Professor Patrik Rogalla – University Hospital Network, Toronto, Canada

Dr. Patrick Rogalla is Professor of Radiology, and Head of Abdominal Imaging at the University of Toronto. He also serves as Vice Chief, Research Head of Abdominal Division Director, CT, Joint Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto and Toronto General Hospital. He studied at the Free University of Berlin in Germany and the University of California UCSF. Dr. Rogalla is actively involved in many professional and radiological societies. His areas of focus include: cardiac CT, gastro-intestinal imaging, interventional CT, perfusion imaging and three-dimensional post-processing techniques. His academic work includes authoring or co-authoring of 150 peer-reviewed publications, 156 scientific presentations and posters and more than 321 educational lectures in national and international meetings.

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