2013 International CT Symposium Webinars

Presentations -Volume Imaging of Airways

Dr. John Troupis – Monash Medical Center, Australia

Dr. Troupis is the Co Unit Head of Cardiac CT and the Unit Head of Musculoskeletal imaging at Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia. With the assistance of a dedicated team of both cardiologists and radiologists, he has been instrumental in establishing a highly efficient and research oriented Cardiac CT service. The department has been at the forefront of establishing techniques for scanning atrial fibrillation patients, routinely scanning at submillisievert scans, and establishing the principle of high quality scanning when the heart rate is greater than the temporal resolution of the scanner. He is an author and co-author of numerous articles. His articles in AJR including "Image Quality of Coronary 320-MDCT in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation: Initial Experience", published December 2009, and "Coronary image quality of 320-MDCT in patients with heart rates above 65 beats per minute: preliminary experience", published June 2011, were instrumental in advancing the technique of Cardiac CT scanning. His current research focus includes non-coronary Cardiac CT with emphasis on the myocardium and aortic root in addition to wide field of view 4D CT and investigation of instability and impingement syndromes.

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