2013 International CT Symposium Webinars

Presentations - Physics - Lung Imaging and Nodule Characterization

Dr. John Mayo – University of British Columbia, Vancouver Hospital

Dr. John Mayo is currently the Head of Imaging, Vancouver General Hospital and Professor of Radiology and Cardiology at the University of British Columbia. In this position he is part of a collaborative cardiothoracic imaging program involving radiologists, respirologists, thoracic surgeons, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists and medical physicists. Dr. Mayo's current research interests include; imaging investigations for the early detection of lung cancer, CT and MR cardiothoracic imaging and CT radiation dose issues. In the last 25 years this team has performed research regarding: high resolution CT scanning for interstitial lung disease, MR quantification of lung water, spiral CT for pulmonary embolism, computer simulated dose reduction techniques, micro-coil localization to guide thoracoscopic resection of sub centimeter pulmonary nodules and lung cancer screening. In conjunction with Drs. Stephen Lam BC Cancer Agency he has participated in a single centre lung cancer screening trial for the last 12 years and a multicentre lung cancer screening trial in the last 4 years.

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