2013 International CT Symposium Webinars

Presentations - Physics - Basic Helical vs. Volumetric CT

Dr. Bernice Hoppel, Toshiba Medical Research Institute

Dr. Bernice Hoppel is the Senior Clinical Research and Application Scientist at Toshiba Medical Research Institute USA, Inc. (TMRU) where her work encompasses a variety of aspects of research including working with luminary physicians on new innovative projects for the improvement of CT technology. Additionally, this work allows the development and validation of new technologies. Dr. Hoppel holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Radiological Sciences / Nuclear Engineering (Thesis: Measurement of Regional Oxygenation and Cerebral Hemodynamics using Rapid MRI). Dr. Hoppel has a solid background in research and new product development with an emphasis on image processing and imaging physics. She has developed and patented many new products in diagnostic imaging.

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