The most flexible service agreements in the industry

The best service plan is one that’s sized to your organization’s needs.

Canon Medical System’s InTouch Full Coverage Services Agreements are designed with flexibility in mind. Our agreements can be customized based on each customer’s specific service support requirements—for example, PM coverage hours can be completed after hours or service repair hours can be extended to include weekend coverage. Canon Medical System’s InTouch Partnership Agreements can be the ideal choice for customized maintenance for facilities with In-House service organizations. Considered the first of its kind in the diagnostic imaging industry, Canon Medical System’s InTouch FLEX Agreement offers customers unparalleled flexibility, security and value.


Built-in Flexibility

Canon Medical System’s wide variety of service programs enable you to plug into the assistance you need in order to cost-effectively keep your systems running at optimal efficiency.

Canon Medical System’s agreements match your operation needs with tiered levels of services. Partner agreements are also available for customers who need the flexibility to balance fixed and variable services costs.

Now you can benefit from a wide range of sophisticated solutions without sacrificing immediate access,customized solutions, or the personal touch. With Canon Medical Systems Services you get a world-class organization that is large enough to service your global enterprise, yet small enough to shake your hand.

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