Intelligent Automation.
Confident Performance.

The ultimate in patient-centered productivity


Digital Radiographic System

Outstanding performance and intelligent automation to address today's imaging workflow challenges.
The system provides a new level of functionality and flexibility offering increased patient comfort and seamless operation for technologists.
  • Intelligent automation to address workflow challenges
  • Exceptional ergonomic-focused features
  • Sophisticated wall stand functionality with motorization and tilt

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Seamless Operation and Efficient Workflow

Premium comes standard, no matter the detectors and system configuration that you choose. Known worldwide for image quality and low dose, Canon digital detectors offer reliability and enterprise sharing with other compatible systems.
  • Canon CXDI Digital Detectors
  • CXDI Control Software NE
  • Fast, seamless stitching exams¹

1Requires optional automatic stitching package
CXDI Control Software NE
CXDI Control Software NE
OMNERA 500A Stitching Feature
CXDI Digital Detectors
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