Designed with
Demands in Mind.

Designed for safe and easy transport and effortless positioning.

Mobile 40kW FLEX PLUS Digital X-ray System

This portable X-ray system incorporates a telescopic column for safe and easy transport and effortless positioning. Its small width makes it ideal for restricted spaces and corridors. Perfect for hospitals, clinics, and university medical centers, it offers mobility and power-saving advantages.

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Patient Care

  • CXDI Control Software NE and Canon CXDI Digital Detectors help provide delivery of high-resolution images at fast preview times
  • Can be configured with choice of CXDI wireless detectors in different sizes to accommodate various imaging exams
  • Optional DAP* meter, sold separately
*manufactured by a third party

Productivity & Workflow

  • CXDI Detector battery charger is incorporated into the mobile system
  • Optional wireless barcode scanner (sold separately)
  • Patented Enhanced Workflow, including the ability to access hospital HIS/RIS/PACS systems at bedside without the need for a separate workstation
  • Patented wireless Distributed Antennae System can increase wireless range 40% over single access point systems

Ease of Use

  • LED Status Light Indicator
  • Secondary drive controls on the collimator handles allow positioning without the need to return to the main console.


  • Front bumper with anti-collision sensors
  • System access restricted via numeric keypad
  • Built-in disaster recovery capability that helps to restore the mobile's hard drive quickly
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