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Canon Medical Systems is a leading worldwide provider of high quality diagnostic imaging systems and comprehensive medical solutions to enrich the quality of life for all people.

About Canon Medical Systems Canada Limited

Canon Medical Systems Canada (CMSCA), a Canon Group company headquartered in Markham, Ontario, provides patient-focused imaging technologies with specialties in CT, X-Ray, Angiography, Ultrasound and MRI. Advanced service solutions range from single-room coverage to complete asset management programs.

All sales, services and operations are Canadian-based, with a strong presence of technical service employees in more than 25 cities across the country. Reporting directly to Canon Medical Systems Corporation provides close ties to our research, engineering and product specialists, enabling the Canadian team to influence product decisions and delivery for the needs of our customers.



Celebrating 100 Years in the Healthcare Business

For over 100 years, Canon Medical Systems Corporation (CMSC) has proudly pioneered the development of imaging solutions for the global medical community.  Thousands of minds and millions of hours over a century of time have built a legacy of innovation that continues to evolve as we do. From our collaboratively rich research and development past we advance towards a bright future of technological innovation that is “Made for life”.

Delivering many of Japan’s and world’s firsts, Canon Medical Systems Corporation has always been committed to developing solutions that help improve clinical workflow and advance patient outcomes. Canon Medical Systems’s focus on health proudly defines who we are and what we achieve through our “Made for life” philosophy. This slogan symbolizes our basic commitments: Made for Patients, Made for Partnerships, and Made for You.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The importance of education as a means of improving patient care is an integral value of Canon Medical Systems. We are committed to providing comprehensive educational programs and supporting educational institutions that share the same value of developing and nurturing clinical excellence. We support diagnostic imaging programs across Canada by providing medical equipment on a non-profit basis. It is with great pride that we continually help institutions to provide high quality education and innovative technologies.

An Aquilion 64 CT scanner was donated to The Michener Institute of Education to allow the students receive advanced training and learn the imaging protocols that are in current clinical use. This investment with The Michener Institute is a testament of our respect for educational institutions as we align our shared visions of healthcare innovation through education. Due to the size of the equipment and limited space in the building, the 4,000-lb Aquilion 64 scanner was craned through a window on the building’s 11th floor. The project also overcame poor weather conditions and involved a variety of infrastructure changes. It took strong project coordination and teamwork and we are extremely pleased to support such a partnership to benefit the future healthcare providers and enhance medical development.

In our annual customer service survey last year, Canon Medical Systems provided respondents with the opportunity to select one of two charities for a donation as a thank you. The charities supported through this initiative were the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Alzheimer Society of Canada. As we continuously strive to serve our customers with the best service and support possible, it is equally important that we make this same effort for the members and future well-being of our community.

Canon Medical Systems Corporation aims to make a positive contribution as a member of society with a respect for life. We give the utmost priority to life and safety, and contribute to solving social issues around the world through business activities.



As a corporate citizen of planet earth, Canon Medical Systems Corporation is contributing to healthcare while working to achieve a sustainable environment. Everything we do is for people, for society, and for the Earth. The Canon Medical Systems group incorporates environmentally conscious designs in all our products to minimize environmental impact. This is the responsibility and commitment of the Canon Medical Systems group, which is expanding its business worldwide. Based on this philosophy, and to the extent technically and economically feasible, we promote environmental activities in accordance with the Canon Group Environmental Charter and the Canon Medical Systems Group Standards of Conduct.

In Canada, Canon Medical Systems Canada has obtained the ISO14001 certification. This achievement signifies our environmental leadership as it is the world’s most recognized environmental management system benchmark. Canon Medical Systems Canada strives to continuously improve upon the environmental performance of all business processes, including sales, distribution, servicing and disposal by committing to the following environmental objectives:

  • Prevent pollution and use resources efficiently
    • Divert Waste from Landfill
    • Reduce energy consumption by increasing fleet vehicle fuel efficiency
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental laws Product end of life
    • Product end of life management
  • Promoting biodiversity conservation activities in cooperation with communities
    • Improve the biodiversity of local ecosystems through the participation in annual conservation and stewardship projects
  • Providing environmentally conscious products
    • Reduction of CO2 emissions during system use  
    • Reduction of materials used in systems
    • Management of chemical substances in systems

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