Process & Performance Optimization

Sharing Best Practice Solutions Means Improving Your Business

With many years of experience in the widest variety of hospital environments, our teams of clinical, technical and finance professionals provide expert advice helping you to optimize diagnostic procedures, capital asset utilization and financing strategies. Our experienced specialists can assist in optimizing hospital processes and patient pathways, with the objective of improved efficiency while delivering best clinical services.

Clinical Workflow Optimization

Sharing best practice experience is an important part of our relationship. As a leading manufacturer of medical imaging equipment, our clinical experts can draw on extensive know-how in the widest range of clinical specialties. We work with leading institutions around the globe on continuously improving diagnostic outcomes and advancing clinical pathways.



Operational Performance Enhancement

Through our extensive experience we are able to provide a solid financial, clinical and technical foundation to successfully manage your equipment needs. With all services coordinated through one source you will benefit from Canon Medical System’s significant procurement power and reduce the complexity of your maintenance and service needs.



Capital Asset Utilization

A long-term agreement demands flexibility. Over time it is inevitable that some changes will be necessary. By regularly reviewing and adjusting the investment plan against your actual and projected needs we ensure effective utilization of assets. Re-scheduling equipment moves or replacements is a typical example. We are able to bridge new installs or temporary high workloads by providing short-term rentals and mobile solutions.


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